Fudge of the Month Club

Fudge of the Month Club

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Calling All Fudge Lovers, this is for you!

Our exclusive Fudge of the Month Club will deliver 4 different gourmet flavors of our fudge to your door each month.  In addition, one of the four flavors will always be a brand new creation that you will be the first to try!   

This is a great gift for anyone in the family, office, or neighborhood. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Choose a monthly subscription or pre-pay in advance to receive discounts up to 10%!

April Flavors

Introducing Ruby Chocolate!  If you haven't heard of Ruby Chocolate yet, you are not alone because it's still very new to the market.  It’s being called the 4th chocolate, after milk, dark and white and it was created two years ago in the kitchen of Belgian-Swiss cocoa company, Barry Callebaut.  Ruby Chocolate has a pink color and sweet but slightly sour fruity taste. 

We are delighted to use this new Ruby Chocolate in our flavor of the month.  We believe we may be the first fudge shop anywhere to use this new chocolate which means you also will be the first in the world to try Ruby Fudge!

Flavor # 1:  Ruby Fudge

We melted Ruby Chocolate into our vanilla fudge and added dried berries for a fun look and additional flavor.

 Flavor # 2:  Dulce De Leche

We mix Caramel Cream Fudge with fresh caramel.

 Flavor # 3:  Raspberry Lemonade

To create this Spring flavor, we swirl our Raspberry Fudge with our Lemon Fudge. 

 Flavor # 4:  Salted Caramel Butterscotch

We start with Butterscotch fudge and swirl in fresh caramel with a pinch of sea salt and topped with mini butterscotch chips. 


Fudge of the Month Club subscription boxes are shipped during the first week of the month.  

We love feedback!  Have an idea for a new flavor?  Mike & Stephanie want to hear:  info@zcioccolato.com