Chocolate Team Building Class - $85 per person

Chocolate Team Building Classes foster team building and creativity while giving participants a chance to learn how to create the best chocolate you can eat.  Classes last approximately 3-4 hours.

The first half of class is spent teaching team members how to make Bear Paws, Peanut Butter Cups, and Dipped Strawberries.  

The second portion of our class is where the competition begins.  The group is broken up into two teams.  Each team must create their own brand new chocolate confections and take them to market.

Each group is tasked with:

a.) Assigning a project manager to lead their group
b.) Creating 3 new chocolate confections (with help from our chocolate chef)
c.) Where would the product be sold?
d.) How much would the product be priced at?
e.) How would the product be packaged?

Each team gets the opportunity to utilize an expert throughout the process.  We offer anything within our showroom and any current packaging to help present the final product.  

Our experts judge your new product based on taste, appearance, creativity, and overall chance of the product being successful.  A winner is declared. 

Our large meeting room welcomes visitors to bring food, appetizers and drinks.  Guests are encouraged to bring beer and wine if they feel it can liven up the party! 


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