Fudge of the Month Club

Fudge of the Month Club

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Fudge of the Month Club!

Our exclusive Fudge of the Month Club will deliver 4 different gourmet flavors of our fudge to your door each month.  In addition, one of the four flavors will always be a brand new creation that you will be the first to try!   

This is a great gift for anyone in the family, office, or neighborhood. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Choose a monthly subscription or pre-pay in advance to receive discounts up to 10%!


Flavor # 1:  Jelly Donut

Cinnamon Vanilla Fudge layered with fresh Raspberry Jam in the middle.  

 Flavor # 2:  Milk Chocolate 

Nothing better than classic milk chocolate fudge.

 Flavor # 3:  Maple Walnut

Maple fudge with walnuts mixed through and sprinkled over the top. 

 Flavor # 4:  Fat Cat

You’ll be licking your paws with this decadent swirl of caramel cream fudge, Dark Chocolate fudge and creamy caramel.


Fudge of the Month Club subscription boxes are shipped during the first week of the month.  

We love feedback!  Have an idea for a new flavor?  Mike & Stephanie want to hear:  info@zcioccolato.com