Z. Cioccolato Chocolate Making Workshop

Classes are scheduled throughout the month and open to everyone! 
Check here for the next scheduled class:

• Great class for beginners and kids
• Make chocolate to eat and take home
• Learn to make Z. Cioccolato chocolate candies
• Bring food and drinks (beer & wine) to liven up the party

Come one, come all! Chocolate making workshops give you an opportunity to work with our Chocolatier and learn to make your own confections! Classes last approximately 2 hours. The workshop atmosphere is a great way to meet others interested in creating great treats. Come on your own or bring a group of friends!
Our workshops learn to create chocolate confections like Peanut Butter Cups, Turtles, Dipped Strawberries, etc.
We are located in North Beach with lots of bars and restaurants near by if you want to organize a lunch or dinner around your workshop.