Zoom Chocolate Making Class

Welcome to the Z. Cioccolato Zoom chocolate making class. In this one hour course, Chef Mike will walk you through making 5 different types of chocolate candy step by step. The class is designed to last for one hour. 

After you receive your ingredients kit in the mail, the following steps will help you prepare for class:

  • Purchase Fresh Strawberries. If you don't have strawberries you could substitute bananas.
  • Purchase Wax or Parchment Paper.
  • Must have Microwave & Microwavable Bowl
  • Need Cutting Board & Chopping knife

Once you are prepared and ready to start the class, simply click the following link to follow along with Chef Mike as he walks you through tempering your chocolate and making your candy.  Have Fun!!

Start Class

(Feel free to watch as many times as you would like)