Picture of assorted chocolates, popcorn, and taffy.

Artisan Sampler Box - $65

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Artisan Sampler Box Includes:

4 Pieces of Gourmet Fudge: Homemade in the heart of San Francisco, Z. Cioccolato fudge is world-renowned for its multiple, mouth-watering layers packed with flavor. Grandma's fudge doesn't stand a chance next to ours.

2 Chocolate Truffles: Creamy, French-inspired ganache wrapped with milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates and topped with a signature design from the chef!

Bag of Caramel Popcorn: Little bit salty, little bit sweet. No get together is complete without Grandpa's favorite snack!

Bag of Salt Water Taffy: Discover a unique, craving-busting flavor in each individually wrapped piece. Taffy so good it will keep any sweet tooth satisfied.

Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies: Hand-dipped Oreos are magical.  The combo of milk chocolate and sandwich cookie can not be beat.