Fudge of the Month Club

Fudge of the Month Club

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Calling All Fudge Lovers, this is for you!

Our exclusive Fudge of the Month Club will deliver 4 different gourmet flavors of our fudge to your door each month.  In addition, one of the four flavors will always be a brand new creation that you will be the first to try!   

This is a great gift for anyone in the family, office, or neighborhood. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Choose a monthly subscription or pre-pay in advance to receive discounts up to 10%!

February's Gourmet Flavors

Ode to Coffee!  All of our flavors this month incorporate coffee!

  • Cafe Latte
    • We mix our creamy vanilla fudge with real coffee crystals to make a coffee flavored fudge

  • Mocha Swirl
    • We start with our coffee flavored fudge and swirl in mocha fudge
  • Cougar Butter
    • One of our most popular layered flavors.  This deluxe flavor features a combination of Mocha Fudge, Peanut Butter, Caramel, and Milk Chocolate.  It's an amazing combination. 

  • Newest Flavor:   Mocha Caramel Brownie Fudge
    • We baked fresh brownies to add with our mocha fudge and dark chocolate fudge and then topped with fresh caramel.  

Fudge of the Month Club subscription boxes are shipped by the 15th (or following business day) of every month.  

We love feedback!  Have an idea for a new flavor?  Mike & Stephanie want to hear:  info@zcioccolato.com